Friday, July 08, 2011

a year after

hi readers~

it's been a year being someone husband and i've been enjoying everyday single day of it :-)
so today i'm feeling very generously just share the journey with you.. (sapa yang baca.... kalau ade.. :[

Home Sweet Home
we successfully bought for our self our own house!!
it is somewhere in the middle of one of the busiest town. Bangi!
we currently in the planning process to make a garage (for her bike and me... someday) and some minor renovation. Our first house.. giler excited..

umah end lot.. gue nk buat bowling alley

Kobe, Japan
i report it in my next entry..~
here's a pic~

taking picture in NO pictures zone
New Job
i have changed my work again~ same place but different job~!!
dulu as buruh kasar jaga mesin yang besar, skang tukang jaga barang a.k.a jage stor
haiyayai.. the good thing is now i don't have to work saturday and sunday or during outage.. hence~ new office!!!!

bole main golf tue~

to Frazer's Hill
after 2 hours of cycling... we reach Frazer's hill!!! giler hebat!!

... tipu je..

when there with her only... bercuti.. makan... tido... kayuh basikal.. mandi air terjun... makan....
wah.. best giler~ tapi bagi gua frazer's sudah tidak seseronok dulu... to much development...
here's some pic..

the famous clock tower.. x sah kalu x amik gambar kat sini

hebat... kayuh dari bawah...

gue? gue naik moto... (using camera phone makes me look fat)

that's all for this entry... banyak2 tulis nanti lu orang bosan baca..~

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