Friday, July 08, 2011



jeng jeng.. that's right~.. i finally fulfilling my since-student-dream of going to japan~
it happen last April, when there as company representative to checked and evaluated some spares and equipments. but... i only go for the fun of it~~ hahahaha..screw ma work!!~~ it always been my dream to go there!!

my brother tag along for a week to make sure i dont get lost or hooked with some cute Japanese chicks!.. haha.. super excited!
- depart from KLIA 1145pm 16 April
- arrive to KIX 7.15 am 17 April

KIX was huge!!! damn nice!
KIX arrival hall

Stayed at Chisun Hotel at Kobe.. a good and nice hotel.. bawah ada 7-e... (bukan bole beli ape pun... air mineral je la)


our room is damn small~ japanese stail...Takeno-san from Mitsui accompany me for 3 days for my week staying in japan..

takeno-san trying very hard explaining something i don't bother to understand.. hahaha

i love this shop... life~ life ~ life~

i not kidding~

my work involves my to travel from Kobe to Takasago (60km)... on a limo/chauffeur arrange by mitsubishi... giler r gua rasa cam VIP... driver dia pun peramah.. gua cakap melayu dia cakap jepun.. dua2 xpaham dua2 gelak.. hahaaaa

Tapi layanan orang sana memang superb!! i was been treated a VVIP.. im talking about hot face towel after each inspection.. their big boss treat me to some Tibet restaurant.. gua makan roti nan jerrr.... tawakal..

I'm able to finish my job 1 day early.. so.. apalagi.. jalan!!! (mmg saja gua abiskan cepat)
We when to Osaka via JR train. very efficient. very convenient.
sempat r gua tgk macam2.. shisaibashi.. ebisubashi.. the famous glico sign.. pokemon.. duh~
buy some more souvenirs (kimono for her)
gua kasi share gambar je r..

kobe mosque
we found it!!

got us tickets to osaka~

umeda building.. giler..~

shinsaibashi suji~

the famous glico sign at Dotonbori-gawa canal

our next stop on friday is KIX airport before we depature the next day (saturday)
we stayed at Nikko Hotel.. superb hotel again..
when shopping for souvenirs

next day~ back to Malaysia!!~
- depart from KIX 1100 am 23 April
- arrive to KKIA 4.00 pm 23 April


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