Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Varsity Boat Race 2008

Varsity Boat Race 2008
14- 17 October 2008

Putrajaya Water Sports Center

Percint 6

Since i have 3 weeks of so call "training module at TNB Training Institute (ILSAS)"... i've decided why don't i play for varsity 08!!! rindu sangat nak row after our very-emo-M8+ race at the last URI...
But.. Sir Ibrahim macam xmo kasi maen jer...~ yelar.. org dah graduate.. sibuk2 je nak maen lagi kan..
So.. i've decided to become team manager lah.. bole dapat tshirt free.. (btw..tshirt tahun ni.. alahai...sedeh! :'-(

Event that my team enter is only two.. which is M2X and M4-
Night after ther managers race meeting.. we had a nice dinner at Dewan Sri Perdana at PICC..
SubahanaAllah... Cantiknyer dewan!!! terasa macam nak je wat majlis perkahwinan aku kat sini..
Here 's some of the picture taken by kak Ayu..

Same old design sorvenir

Di saat naek pentas


with kak ayu..


As for the result.. Silver medal for M2x (add and hassan)
4th place for M4- (faris,gg,seelen,eid).. oklah.. they manage to give challenge to Indonesia, Filipino and of UTM...

Till then.. jyaa~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Raya 08

Happy Deepavali... Huhuhu...
(Its day 27th of Hari Raya baru aku nak tulih blog pasal raya.. wth~)
xperlah kot since raya sebulan

1 oct 2008
Raya Morning start as usual morning of puasa.. but xpayah puasa la kan..
Almost my entire life, i never had a chance to experinence a real joy of balik kampung, since my kampung teramatlah dekat.. kampung pandan onli lor~
after breakfast, takbir, solat raya, salam2 everthing (i still got duet raya!!! wohoo), we all balik lah kampung which only take 30-40min of driving.. depends on traffic at KL lah~

* my family pic with me on the blue.. (baju 3 tahun lepas!!!)

Arrive at kampung pandan.. all my nephew suda start menyerbu!!! ohh noes!! all waiting duet raya from me... tension tension...!!!

pastu pastu aku malas nak tulis blog nie ag dah... bcoz today im going back to PD to start back my working life.. after almost 1 month of cuti raya!!! (1 week raya + 3 weeks at ILSAS trainning.. consider raya also lah) hahahahahahaha

till next time.. jyaaa~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Post

Hello readers~ cherios~

im actually not much of a writer.. or a reader... or a blogger
but since almost everyone nowdays were blogging
then i guess i give it a try... kan~

thus.. starting a new life... an online life...
on my 24th birthday.. which is 2moro~ (23 oct 08)

"the colourful adventures of kona kamezou"