Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Her First Car... errrr...

"it has been a week; i'm alone without her voice; and suddenly on Friday (29/10/2010) morning i got my long awaiting wake-up call"

"JOM amek moto!" hehe...

That day, everything seems perfect for me, every task became so much easier... afternoon; to HQ for a colloquium.. somehow so happy hearing her voice...

Then that evening she got her first car... hmmm... her first ride... a big bike...Kawasaki ER6-N
a tough looking , mid range torque, medium weight city bike. Her very own big black playstation on wheels.

As for now, she can call her self, hot babes who ride a superbike... hehe

Me? still drive miss-o olenge..

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wall Makeover

During the makeover
Painting OK!
Makeover Completed!!!
Light pole in da house!

with a big help from this girl

MHDA 2010 Race #3 Bukit Kiara, Petaling Jaya

MHDA 2010 Race #3 Bukit Kiara, Taman Lembah Kiara
24-25 July 2010

24 July 2010 Training Day
Arrive at Kiara around 9am. Spotted a few rider unpacking their rig ready to go up. This time i was alone. My brother decided not to participate in this race due to unknown reason. Maybe last time we visit here, he shitted his pants.. hahahah..
The race track was rocky, supa-dupa rocky.. no jumps, gap or whatsoever.. Only long rocky section, tight corners and scary hell rock garden.(except for the last dirt drop)
While pushing miz norco up the hill, i have a chance to meet local rider. A kid, 15 yrs old i think.. Oklah, at least i have somebody to chat while pushing almost 35kg rig of mine up to the starting point.

I only have a chance to do one complete run with a bad bad control of the bike. Slipping everywhere, messy corners and 1 stupid stuck on a tree maneuver.. Last drop was OK. Pain on the leg, i decided to went home....

25 July 2010 Race Day
Seeding Run
After launch from the start, the track goes into fast pedaling into right corners. Rocky and root section, the came into the first berm.. DUH. FAK... screw it.. either my rig is not suitable for corners or i don't have any cornering skills. After that i have a bad feeling something bad gonna happen..
Entering the scary shit section, i accidentally choosing the very very bad line down causing me crashing into the redtape and some small tree while my bike flipped over me and when shooting like 10 meters away. Luckily i flipped also and landed on a small bushes.. No injuries.. hanya malu yang tak terhingga...
After a generous guy carry my bike and repaired my twisted handlebar, i resume my pedaling only to realize my rear tyre is already burst.. Thus pushing your bike to the end of the finish line.

Final Run
As i launch, it started to rain like crazy.. The track was slippery + dark + previous crash = super slow time. No crash or burst tire this time..Placing me at 12 place.
Courtesy from FakawiTribe
last drop

Next race. Mount Erksine. Penang. Don't know if i'm able to make it or not

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's been what? 2 month?
hehehehe.. Yep readers~ (if i got any).. hehehe
Alhamdullilah, after 5 month engaged to her, im officially someones husband~

1st Mei 2010
Venue: Country Heights, Kajang, Malaysia

Time: 11.00am

Ramai giler orang kat rumah dier. Gua berjalan masuk tanpa memandang sesiapa di situ. Hanya memandang mana tempat yang dituju je. xmo pikir aper2.. Duduk kat tempat yang dituju, gua baru jeling2 tengok orang .. hahaha sepul,eid sumer ader~ duduk depan2 aku lak tuh~ cesss.. kasi bikin gua kaget je~

Sekali lafaz suda.. abes cerita.. Alhamdullilah~

punyer la ramai~ nyaris2 panik... tapi tetap maintain..hahahaa

my new family

1st Mei 2010
Venue: Country Heights, Kajang, Malaysia

Time: 08.00pm

Night reception. It has been raining since evening, but luckily it stop just before i arrive to country heights.. Hujan membawa rahmat ye tak?... Cantik.. especially that somebody.. huhuuhuhuh T_T

lovely sets

9th Mei 2010
Venue: Dewan Seri Seroja, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Time: 1.00pm

My family side event. Held at Dewan Seri Seroja, Putrajaya. Buat kan dewan senang. Teratur sikit. Kalau buat kat rumah memang sumer orang makan meja senget. Nak buat camner., umah gua atas bukit. Again, rain was pouring since the afternoon. Gladly everbody could make it.

hall arrangement

the Jams

there she is~

Kepada sanak saudara, rakan2, serta tetamu yang hadir~
Terima kasih semua!

"Dedicated wish for my big family"
Abah,Ibu,Angah,Haziq, Amir
Ayah Cik
Paklang,Maklang,Ira, Haikal
Makteh,Pakteh,Abg,Adek, Udin, Aira
Makcik, Pakcik, Nana, Aina, Alip

Wish us happy and forever
Selamat Menuju Kehidupan Bersama
Hafiz & Hafizah


MHDA 2010 Race #2 Bukit Cermin, Selangor

MHDA 2010 Race #2 Bukit Cermin, Putra Heights
6-7 March 2010

arghhh! malas aku nak wat report sebenarnyer~
maen-maen masa race.. tak serious!! hampeh!!
very2 bad race day~ im to slowww~
tgk gambar je lar~

tgk ler masa kiara nanti~ gua akan lebih laju~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


like the title says!!!


im changing my titles from mr. to mr.&mrs in a couple of days!!!

huhuhu its been a long time... again.. since i write yet another blog.. (asyik2 ayat yg sama)
very2 busy nowdays.. 2 month of pain at power plant,12 hours of working including during weekends, night and day.. making me miss my riding and exercising... thus!! development of fat!!

but.. im going to be someone's husband after this... waaaa... a bit excited.. happy and happy..
scared.. somehow... heeeeeepiiiieeee~

*i owe my blog Bukit Cermin Downhill report i think..*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

MHDA 2010 Race #1 Mount Austin, JB

MHDA 2010 Race #1 Mount Austin, Johor Bahru
30-31 January 2010

thanks for guys who make this event successful to bring Malaysia Downhill community together..
Element JB, ROAM, Folker and everyone i forgot to mention.. -tribute from me who only there to support and participated.

hot, dry and friendly people.. (except at road).. road rage was everywhere.. wakakaka!

the jamal's~
The Track
arrive at JB around 1pm, check out hotel and everything.. around 4pm go checkout the track..
this time i'm not alone, form now my bother will join me compete using seze!

is was a 2min track concise of jumps, sandy offsets, 4x section, gnarly rockgarden and dinoshit!! hahaha... the push-up was short and i like~ during the training session, haziq crash at rockgarden with his bike flip over him thus making his first official crash.. hahaha welcome to the darkside bro~

The Race
coz we stay at nearby hotel, a lot of participated also stayed there.. i was quite pump that morning seeing everybody at hotel's lobby setting up there bike, warming up and everything..
seronok and happy dude!

The seeding was on time and smooth (kudos to organizer) but starting point was crowded. But nevertheless it was fun and tiring. I got the chance of meeting other rider and chatting which i usually don't.. i really sucks at social skills.

rock garden - thanks to daddy's camera

my time start 30 second after haziq launched, and manage to catch-up with him near at finish line with 2min 07sec + incredibly tired!!! hahaha fitness suda lari ooo...

picture courtesy of azizi alias

final run starts around 2pm. my starting was good until arrive at 4X section.. really mess-up all the jumps.. no speed.. and final tarmac stretch is superbly tiring!! my legs were shaking when i get off my bike. only manage to shave 2second from my seeding time..

final drops - courtesy os shafudin jaya, singapore

encik haziq final drop - courtesy of shafudin jaya, singapore

looking at elite riders time which is aroung 1min 40sec always keep me wondering.. how the hell that they do it.. waaaa guess im still need training..

luckily i got the lucky draw prize... xc helmet.. jadilah~

that's is.. until next race~ MHDA 2010 Race #2 Bukit Cermin, Putra Heights
--i really need time to train--


currently most wanted girl.. kuikukui

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Norco 2.0 and Seze?


miz norco had some transformation recently.. going from small baby.. to.. well... big baby ;-) lol..
frame swap.. from norco 6 three to norco shore 2...
from all moutain frame to freerie frame
changing from 6.3"rear travel to 7.4"
making my rig more heavier.. waaaa... but somehow.. i like norco..
weird looking.. but fsr linkages.. nice


combined with new marz 888 rcv.. (cikai je) and new e13 chainguard... i like~
here's some pic.. (taken during MDHA 2010 1st race at Mount Austin JB)
- race report update later -

norco and seze at JB

AND also... i bought yet another bike~ hehehe.. all mountain rig.. can go downhill also.. and let my brother use it.. joint my so called "rider bawah pokok team"
KHS AM200.. with durolux 180mm fork and 6" of dhx3 fox shox..
and named it seze.. taken from somewhat movie of neytiri ikran.. wooweee
later to be assemble n baby norco back.. and thus.. our team name.. the norcon! or the jams.. or.. whatever we like lah~


Friday, January 15, 2010

Miz Norco


Miz Norco got a new strong leg..!!!
Marzocchi 888 RCV.. hehe, although using this fork at a light freeride frame is kinda alter its geometry and making my bike a lot heavier.. but it really looks cool..

and also after the last incident at Bukit Cermin race and broken my RD.. i've decided to include also new chain guard.. E13 SRS chainguard.. white~

My first ride with her.. PCP..
dammit.. cornering was weird, jumping was awkward.. huhuhu..
but 200mm travel was nice.. enough said.. here's the pic

next update: major changes for Miz Norco and a new comer~ and also old rig RIP




omg~ i got engaged~ and it happen last year n i don't even have time to write anything bout it~ huhuhuhu..

but here's the story. Alhamdullilah, dated 5 Disember 2009, Saturday morning, Country Heights, Kajang...

The engagement reception

and here is the girl...

more picture uploaded into my facebook..