Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wall Makeover

During the makeover
Painting OK!
Makeover Completed!!!
Light pole in da house!

with a big help from this girl

MHDA 2010 Race #3 Bukit Kiara, Petaling Jaya

MHDA 2010 Race #3 Bukit Kiara, Taman Lembah Kiara
24-25 July 2010

24 July 2010 Training Day
Arrive at Kiara around 9am. Spotted a few rider unpacking their rig ready to go up. This time i was alone. My brother decided not to participate in this race due to unknown reason. Maybe last time we visit here, he shitted his pants.. hahahah..
The race track was rocky, supa-dupa rocky.. no jumps, gap or whatsoever.. Only long rocky section, tight corners and scary hell rock garden.(except for the last dirt drop)
While pushing miz norco up the hill, i have a chance to meet local rider. A kid, 15 yrs old i think.. Oklah, at least i have somebody to chat while pushing almost 35kg rig of mine up to the starting point.

I only have a chance to do one complete run with a bad bad control of the bike. Slipping everywhere, messy corners and 1 stupid stuck on a tree maneuver.. Last drop was OK. Pain on the leg, i decided to went home....

25 July 2010 Race Day
Seeding Run
After launch from the start, the track goes into fast pedaling into right corners. Rocky and root section, the came into the first berm.. DUH. FAK... screw it.. either my rig is not suitable for corners or i don't have any cornering skills. After that i have a bad feeling something bad gonna happen..
Entering the scary shit section, i accidentally choosing the very very bad line down causing me crashing into the redtape and some small tree while my bike flipped over me and when shooting like 10 meters away. Luckily i flipped also and landed on a small bushes.. No injuries.. hanya malu yang tak terhingga...
After a generous guy carry my bike and repaired my twisted handlebar, i resume my pedaling only to realize my rear tyre is already burst.. Thus pushing your bike to the end of the finish line.

Final Run
As i launch, it started to rain like crazy.. The track was slippery + dark + previous crash = super slow time. No crash or burst tire this time..Placing me at 12 place.
Courtesy from FakawiTribe
last drop

Next race. Mount Erksine. Penang. Don't know if i'm able to make it or not