Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31/12/2008 Night Shift

i miss her...
i miss her...
i miss her...


Thursday, December 25, 2008

^^suka suki^^

hello fellow readers~
just want to share some pic~ nothin to write...

my beloved K2... with some bedazzeled~ hehe comei kan~

bermain air bersama mereka yg mmg suka maen air ketika fire fighting drill

bende yg agak slalu berada di sisi...

dah~ abeh dah~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ahad Pun Kerja!!!

hello readers~

its sunday and im working!!!
aiyooo~ this is suppose to be the day to tido sepuas2 nya
or go out with my family.. or spend time with her but im working!!!!
waaa sedey2.. sebenarnya dah 3 bulan aku macam ni, tapi tetiba ari neh cam nak menulis ketidak puas hati-an ku melihat sumer orang berehat2 ketika hari ahad...

i realy2 want to spend more time with her.. :-(. M.u.a.l
huhuhu 3 more days of working.. then baru dapat cuti~
so many things to do~ huhuhu..
- go to ipoh.. yuhanis iskandar's is getting married!!
- take olen to service.. exceed already!!
- rowing club gathering.. dont know want to go or not
- tido
- tido
- tido

till then..

Friday, December 12, 2008


This is my hobby since i was little... Gundam.. or Gunplay... or Mobile Kit.. ala yg pasang2 robot tu ler~ but since i got no money to buy those day.. so cannot buy much..

but since now already working n earn my own money~ bole la start balik! hahahaha~ this is all my collection since july~

my collection.. (far right (strike gundam-someone choose 4 me :-))

another view~

the latest... MS-06R-2 ZAKU II


now im planning to make it my fav pastime job.. wohhooo~
till then.. (banyak gak aku tulis ari neh~)
cheecheee rios~

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha~

the day before raya i got a phone call from my mum "balik cepat today tau.. nak kene kacau dodol!!"
yeahhh best2 dapat kacau dodol.. (dalam hati aku mengingatkan kacau dodol di dalam kawah yg besar)

balik je ke rumah.. tgk kuali kecik jer saiz org wat rendang banyak2 tu... ces~ xperlah asalkan kacau gak~
my grandmother said that i would take about 6-7hours for the dodol to be well done.. but in our case we only take 5 hour.. seduk 1 patah, satu bengkok~ hahahaha

kan dah ckp~ kuali kecik je

almost patah seduk~

Hari raya aidiladha menjelma... almost all of our relative.. pakcik,makcik,nenek,wan all come to my home to celebrate.. makan2, borak2 and all..


dan sedara ag~

As for me.. i got only 1 day off.. esoknya kerja cam biasa... bosan!
till then again!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Di Sana, Di Sini, Hari itu

Just want to share with u guys my pet at home..

there got 3 turtle.. sudah besar2!!!! a lot of koi fish.. a pair of ikan puyu~ and recently my bro bought another couple of tortoise..
wonder why my title is kindda weird? its the name of my 3 grown turtle..
disana, disini and hari ini..
enjoy the picture lah ek~

ikan2 abah ku!

ini dier~

Hidari Olenge

Proton Satria Neo 1.6 M/T

Forgot to tell u guys.. i bought a car recently.. hehe
its a proton!!! yep its a proton onli~
satria neo 1.6 mt to be exact..

and i decided to call "her".. hidari olenge~ hidari means 'left' because from the moment i drove her.. steering is a little bit misalignment.. to the left!
olengee because its orange color!!! i want black or white color but onli get this color.. well consider oklah gak.. not so bad lah kan..

the night i first drove her to my workplace..

the day after...

now.. same also.. at my home

another one..

the lowest fuel consumption i can get~ 4.3L/100km!!

i'll update it when im doing more mod on olengee~

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Day My Blog Stood Still


wah sungguh lama tidak ku tulis blog iniee!!!!
( wah its been a long time i don't write anything)
kepada yg xphm malay~ kikiki

My dad recently gor his birthday present from his girlfreind(my mum lah kan)..
He always loved taking picture so mum got him a Nikon SLR.. he was so happy, he started to take pic of everything.. almost everthing!.. and my bro also shows his interest in photography... suka betul mereka berdua mengambil gambar.. sampai berebut2~

So to celebrate his birthday, we all when to makan2 at OU... go jalan2 a bit..

En Jamal n Pn Airos

us.. eat at kenny rogers onli ma..

Last week we all when holiday to PD..(they all when holiday la.. i mmg stay at pd.. so what to do)
we stay at TNB punyer kondo.. My grandma ikut sekali, my auntie along with some of my cousin...

At Sauna Room

saja je tunjuk kacak! hahahaha

Thats all for this time.. i'll try to write more after this...