Saturday, February 14, 2009


as i thought... sad sad february

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

mengapa january ku x berapa ceria

happy new month!!
im not!

a lot have happen in my january... miz norco, gadis senyum, my new shift, independent job, PCP, PCM (with some sengoh (sengal + bodoh) act), itu ini macam2... i mean a lot..~!! what better way to start a new year kan.. if my january is already like this.. i dont know how my entire 2009 would be like..

im now finally will taken over C-shift as shift charge eng.. along with my sr.eng aka my boss yg agak suka wat kerja dengan teliti dan technician2 aku yg suka membuli aku.. huhuhu..
supposedly this weekend i would love to go to JB to participate in the Mt. Austin 10bucks DH challenge, but unfortunately, my power plant will undergo a force outage which required extra shift charge eng.. come-on! i've been working 7 days in a row!! and deserve my 5 day rest.. B4 my 7 days working spree again.. tensen!

Dah la 14 FEB 2009 i have to go to OBS (Out Bound School - Lumut) for some team building.. adeh~
its 2 weeks of physical and mental torture (no handphone + wallet + outside world and mizz senyum!!) also making me miss the Bukit Cermin DH Race..!! WAAAAAAA!!
i haven't ride miz norco for a long long time!!

and also i haven't seen miz senyum for 3 weeks!! huhuhu.. (she said she change her hair looks and i would love to see it!!) waaaa

- sungguh x best!! -