Friday, January 15, 2010

Miz Norco


Miz Norco got a new strong leg..!!!
Marzocchi 888 RCV.. hehe, although using this fork at a light freeride frame is kinda alter its geometry and making my bike a lot heavier.. but it really looks cool..

and also after the last incident at Bukit Cermin race and broken my RD.. i've decided to include also new chain guard.. E13 SRS chainguard.. white~

My first ride with her.. PCP..
dammit.. cornering was weird, jumping was awkward.. huhuhu..
but 200mm travel was nice.. enough said.. here's the pic

next update: major changes for Miz Norco and a new comer~ and also old rig RIP




omg~ i got engaged~ and it happen last year n i don't even have time to write anything bout it~ huhuhuhu..

but here's the story. Alhamdullilah, dated 5 Disember 2009, Saturday morning, Country Heights, Kajang...

The engagement reception

and here is the girl...

more picture uploaded into my facebook..